Friday, November 19, 2010

Dancing in the dark

Tonight I learned the true meaning of dancing sexually with class. When I walked into the dance studio I was extremely nervous. first, I didn't wear heels even though they were required because I knew I would fall to my death and second, I haven't danced in a really long time so I felt out of place. I could tell by looking at these girls that they had confidence when they danced, I was just hoping that I could keep up with everyone. Before we learned choreography we warmed up by strutting across the floor doing freestyle moves that were a little bit more sensual than most routines. As Beyonce and JLo were playing I loosened up and got into the "dirty dancing" moves. When we finally got into choreography I was ready and willing to let go and learn some Dita Von Teese moves. The dance was a modern day burlesque routine, with a lot more jazz involved. As soon as Lady Gaga's "The Fame" came on the speaker, I knew it was going to be a blast. 

My confidence was at an extreme high when I performed the routine. Not just because I felt sexy, but because I realized how much I really do miss dance! I'm not the greatest dancer in the world, but it really does make me feel good to get out there and have fun. The routine wasn't as burlesque as I hoped it would be, but the sexiness was there in full effect. It felt great to dance without having to worry about some creeper trying to get on me and have fun with other dancers who just love to dance in any style. At one point we got so into it we dimmed the lights and performed as if we had a crowd watching. I felt like I was the center of attention even though there were seven girls right next to me. I guess that's what dancing in the dark does for you. :) Now, just for one night, I can feel as sexy as I want to feel.

I will post the video of the routine once I get it. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Soundtrack of my life

So this weekend my iPod was bringing back some memories. I was listening to music that I could point out where I was at that exact moment this song was popular. I find it hilarious that our lives truly do have a soundtrack so in honor of them here are some of my soundtracks. enjoy!

Skating Ring Days:
Goo goo dolls: Iris (my first slow skate!)

Gettin Jiggy With it: Will Smith
I don't want a miss a thing: Aerosmith
Show Me Love: Robyn
Semi-charmed Life: Third Eye Blind

Texas Summer:
Any Ricky Martin Song (I swear I saw him at the hard rock cafe that summer in Dallas!)
Bills bills bills: Destiny's Child
Genie in a bottle: Christina Aguilera
Sometimes: Britney Spears
I Need To Know: Marc Antony (don't judge)

Those are my most memorable, please share some of yours!