Friday, December 31, 2010

Let the Countdown Begin

Another year has come and gone way too fast for me to keep up with any new year's resolutions. Let's face it, I am pretty bad at keeping them any year so instead of my new year's resolutions I wanted to talk about a couple of my favorite articles about traveling and what traveling I look forward to in 2011. Sadly, 2010 was the year of no traveling for me, so I had to read about everyone else's adventures to get me pumped for Ireland.

1. National Geographic Traveler: Maui
     this article was about a man returning to visit Maui after living there for some time and not expecting to see anything new. He ended up discovering this whole new side of Maui that he never would have seen beyond the tourist traps. It made my day to know that even if I visit the same place more than once, it will always be a different experience.

2. Exposing Cultures
    I read a blog recently that talked about the ethics of tourist visiting indigenous tribes and villages and using them as a tourism stamp of the country. it made me sad to see that some people are abusing their opportunity to see such amazing things and it made me reevaluate what I wanted to do with travel writing.

3. Not Giving Up ANYTHING
    In Around the world Lilly's blog, she talked about how she feared following her dreams to travel because it was delaying her from having a life at home with a family. She said: "Do what you love and the rest will find you." I am living by this from now on.

My favorite articles this year definitely got me excited to study abroad and made me realize I am making the right decision. As of today I have 164 days until Ireland, and I am ready for the countdown to begin! Here are a couple of things I want out of 2011 along with Ireland:

1. Alternative Breaks: I hope to do one for both Christmas break and spring break so I can see some of the U.S. more (the farthest west I have been is Colorado? what the heck!?)

2. One epic road trip: I don't know who with or where to, but I know I really want to go on one!

Happy New Year! May 2011 bring lots of adventures for everyone


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thank You Twitter, for Allowing Me to Stalk Even More...

These past couple of months I have become somewhat of a stalker, and to be honest I couldn't be happier about it! I think this will be the first time (maybe last) that I will admit to it so listen up. Twitter has become my new best friend because now  that I am getting the hang of it, I'm starting to find the people and places I want to follow. The first twitter profile I searched for was Lonely Planet, and I was so excited to find them! through Lonely Planet I found some awesome websites to visit to help me with my plans for Operation Ireland, and it also led me to some awesome writers like Don George and Robert Reid. Oh, did I fail to mention that Lonely Planet is following me on twitter!?! I think it is because they want to hear what is going on in the traveling world from their followers (I am sure they follow anyone who follows them), but I still feel pretty darn good about it. After Lonely Planet I decided to try to find my favorite travel personality ever: Samantha Brown. Sure enough, there her twitter page was full of travel excitement. 

After Samantha I thought I was going to take a rest, but then Twitter had to show me suggested people to follow and if you can guess I went back into stalk mode. I found two awesome travel blogs to follow (Around the world L; she does the sexiest buildings of Boston. hilarious. And Suzy Guese who has a blog that is pretty addicting). The stalking has slowed down, thank goodness, and I am thrilled with my findings. Who knew that clicking link by link I could find such awesome blogs to follow about the thing I love the most. Every time I read them I think about how close I am to making it to Ireland and having a summer that is all about travel. 

So that is what I have been up to, now for some Operation Ireland Updates:

Movie list: not completed nor have I started. Judge me if you must...

Book List: just ordered my first book to start reading titled, "McCarthy's Bar: A Journey of Discovery in Ireland"

Fundraisers/Scholarships: Now I just wait patiently.... and apply for many more

Mind set: Already packed up and ready to go!