Monday, February 7, 2011

The Super Bowl: A Soon To Be National Holiday

"I'm sorry, but we are out of little smokies." That Wal-mart associate had no idea that he broke my heart yesterday with those exact words. I have never experienced a Super Bowl Sunday without my delicious little smokies and seven layer dip. I looked around frustrated at all the alternatives that I could eat before the game and nothing sounded good. "Maybe I shouldn't have procrastinated on grocery shopping for the game," I thought to myself. I walked around Wal-mart with my friend Brittany as she scrambled around trying to find alternatives for a seven-layer dip recipe she already had in mind, but all the recipes were gone. I didn't understand the extreme limits that a Super Bowl Sunday could go to until that Sunday. I felt like it was the day before Thanksgiving, and I was the person looking for a turkey that was nowhere to be found.

The Super Bowl Delicacy: Seven Layer Dip

People celebrate Super Bowl Sunday in multiple ways. Some, like me, enjoy the commercials and entertainment while others may actually enjoy the game. No matter how you watch it, The Super Bowl has become a major tradition that American culture can not miss. I wonder if international travelers look at a traveling guide and under festivals to see, "Super Bowl Sunday" is listed. I think it would say something like:

        "This February celebration houses great fans of football and social gatherings. If you attend a Super Bowl party you must come prepared for bite-size meals and arguments from opposing football teams. Not only does this celebration have sports, but it also contains entertainment that can be talked about for weeks. Don't miss out on this American tradition!"

This is what I am picturing for the future: The Super Bowl will become a national holiday where cities close down just to watch the game. Advertisements will be the main attraction of the game, and the Half-time show will be the time where the audience can criticize the performers. Calendars will already have the day printed on the month of February and Hallmark will create cards to send to fans of the chosen teams. Pretty much everything we do now, just to an extreme level will happen in the future.

My Super Bowl Sunday turned out to be a good one. Good friends, seven-layer dip success, and even a few good commercials. That is how I hope to celebrate every Super Bowl Sunday from here on out!

Happy Holiday Everyone!

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