Sunday, March 27, 2011

No Place Like Home??

Home (n.) the place in which one's domestic affections are centered.
“So are you going home, or are you going home home?” Surprisingly I get that question a lot. I have a hard time calling just one place home because there are other places that I am attached to and like the definition above, my affections are centered. Some places are only home because of the people in them, and others because of how I feel when I am there. I decided to compile a list of places I like to call home and try to explain why I abuse the word so much.

Topeka, Ks
I was born there. I guess that’s my only explanation. I lived there for 8 years of my life and my father and family still live there. Although this isn’t one of my most exciting homes, I can’t forget my place of birth and childhood.

Lansing, Ks
I moved to Lansing from Topeka and from here is where I graduated. The stories I have here and the people I have encountered (even the crazies) is why this place is my home. When people ask me my hometown, I say Lansing because: 1.) its confusing trying to explain constant moving around and 2.) No matter what, I loved it there. The people I met there are still my closest friends and I love that no matter what we always remember that. I had some of the best memories in that town which makes me thankful for my mom moving there.

Prom 2008..oh the memories

Mom’s house (Kansas City) 
My mom has had the wind chimes for forever! haha
My mom has moved around a bit, but I know its home when I open the door to see her. My dog/sister is always waiting for me at the door, ready to tackle me with her 125 lb. body. I walk in to a home-cooked meal of marinated chicken and green beans and the laughter of my mom from my goofy antics and stories. Home is where the heart is, and my heart definitely belongs to my mom.
Demona! my not-so puppy

Lawrence, Ks
Words cannot express how much Lawrence feels like home to me after all of these years. I remember coming to this town as a little girl, not really thinking I would ever be a part of the Jayhawk Nation, but then again, here I am. From Oliver Hall to my crappy apartment, I consider Lawrence to be my main home. It may be because it is my home and my college experience. Whatever the reason may be, there’s no place like Lawrence.

Barcelona, Spain
I only lived in Barcelona for about 5 weeks, but the way I feel about this place is why it was my home. I still feel that if I went back I would know exactly where everything is and how to get there. I would know what metro to jump on and could tell anyone what floor level to find food at the Cortes Ingles. Knowing major streets and places isn’t the only reason why I call this place home. I grew up so much after Barcelona and found what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I know that when I do go back, I will feel the exact same way I felt when I left. Inspired.

I'm pretty sure I abuse this picture, but it is my favorite

As I wait for friends to get back from their epic spring breaks; whether they just went back to their hometown or to another country, I hope they realize that there is no problem with having more than one home.

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  1. Very true Virgina. Home can be so many place. I hate when travelers say they don't have a home. You have to have roots somewhere, even if it is in many different place. I loved Barcelona when I visited. Sounds like a good home to have, even if it was just 5 weeks.

  2. When people ask us where we are from, the easiest answer is, it's complicated. Whatever hotel I'm in that night, Illinois where I grew up, Michigan where my firm is, but really I'm from nowhere. I'm from the road, just rolling along.

    Really lovely post.